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5 Features to Consider When Buying Modern Townhomes

May 19, 2017


If you are considering buying a townhome or condominium, you must have heard about several requirements. There are so many factors to consider!

You can’t find townhomes that offer as much space as detached homes, but by offering more space than the typical condominium, townhomes can have a huge appeal for families.

Looking for modern townhomes for sale? Here are five things that you should consider before buying.

HOA Fees

First, how much are the homeowner’s association fees? Be sure to visit several communities so you can compare the fees and what they include. Some association fees will include things like a portion of the utilities, and some are higher than others.

What Do Fees Include?

Get the reasoning behind the fees. Find out if it’s just because of higher construction costs and maintenance. Always choose what works for you and your budget.It’s best to purchase what you can afford now, not later. Even if you’re sure that you’ll be earning more in the next few years, you might find that circumstances increase the other expenses of life, like schools, kids, new cars, travel plans. These are all substantial costs. Be sure that there’s room in your budget for you to get your townhome and live the life you want.

Available Parking

Make sure that there’s enough parking available. A good tip is to also drive by on a weekend night to see how the spots are filling up. Are they open to the elements or are they sheltered?

Research Taxes

Although a town home or condo might be cheaper than purchasing a standalone property, the taxes could end up being outrageous for that area. Make sure that you review this with your agent and that the fees for this area aren’t above what you are willing to pay. Evaluate the expenses involved such as the mortgage, association fees, and taxes o make sure that it fits your budget.Consider carefully what you can really afford.


Make sure to review this with your agent. Check different sites as there’s going to be plenty of townhomes to choose from in any city or town. You want to make sure that you’re choosing the best and safest location for your family. Choose the best location in terms of restaurants and shopping centers.

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