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Ideas for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Without Breaking the Bank

An energy efficient home costs less to heat, cool, and power throughout the year, but many home upgrades can seriously break the bank. Here at EcoView Homes, we believe these four energy efficiency upgrades work well in all our Dallas townhomes for sale and won’t require you to take out another loan just for the […]

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What are the Common Applications of a Chilled Water System?

Chilled water systems make use of water as a refrigerant to cool down a building or section of a building. They function by pumping cold water through an air handler which takes the heat out of the air and disperses it to cool the building down. Such units are closed loop systems, and, as such, […]

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How to Avoid Roof Leaks after Installing Solar Panels

If you’re a homeowner who has recently installed a solar panel system on your roof, you may be concerned about leaks. The good news is there are several practices in place to reduce this incidence. Here are some ideas: 1. Keep it sealed The typical solar panel installation comprises of technicians drilling a few small […]

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