Can You Buy and Install Your Own Solar Panel?

April 13, 2018


If you’ve decided to power your home with clean energy, then solar panels are perhaps the first option that comes to mind. Not only will it help reduce your energy bill considerably, but it will also help you protect and save the environment.

A lot of modern townhomes in Dallas are using energy-saving materials to conserve energy and protect the environment.

Solar panels can also increase your home’s value, should you ever sell it. According to one report, homeowners see an average of $6,000 resale value increase per installed kilowatt.
Now, the question you may be asking yourself now is:

Should I buy a solar kit and install it myself or contract a professional instead?

Let’s see what the best option is.

Things to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Of course, the easiest option is to hire a solar company that has the necessary experience and qualifications to install the panes. A professional panel installation will typically cost you only 10% of the total solar system price, a small cost if you value your peace of mind.
If you decide to go the DIY route, then it would be wise to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is my reason for doing this?
  • What technical skills and knowledge do I need to have to do this?
  • What tools and abilities does it require?
  • Is it legal to do it myself?
  • How long will the process take?
  • How will I know if I make mistakes along the way?
  • How much money will I save?

There are also a few other things you should consider before going the DIY route:

The Brand – The brand of the solar panels can influence the price, as a reputable company can guarantee that their equipment will work 25 years after the installation. Be sure to do your homework and research on reviews of different brand offerings.

The Paperwork Doing your own paperwork means you are responsible for any possible mistakes, making you ineligible.

The Electrical Configuration You will need an experienced solar electrician that can configure the solar panels to the necessary specifications. If the configuration isn’t correct, the warranty of the inverter can become invalid.

Making sure that you have the correct information can help you choose the appropriate course of action. If you want to switch to sustainable living but minus the stress and hassle, then looking for eco-friendly Dallas townhomes for sale may be the right investment for you.