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Do Millennials Care About the Environment?

December 20, 2016


Millennials are the generation Y of our time. There are about 92 million millennials today, thus making up majority of our current work force.

Millennials are those born between the years 1982 and 2002. They were born into a time of rapid change, thus one cannot blame a millennial for being unmotivated and idealistic, as society currently pegs them to be. Unlike the generation before them, they didn’t have to work too hard to achieve things.

But what is the millennial’s attitude when it comes to the environment? Being the biggest generation today, taking care of the Mother Nature inevitably falls on their shoulders. Do they truly care about the environment?

1. What kind of purchases do millennials make?

Statistics show that millennials are likely to refuse to buy a product that does not have any involvement in any social or environmental issue. In fact, not only are millennials willing to refuse environmentally irrelevant products, but they are also willing to pay more for products and services that positively contribute to the environment.

When it comes to purchases, the truth is this: millennials are on the lookout for brands with high environmental stewardship.

2. Do they have a high drive to make the world a better place?

Millennials readily take on the responsibility to make the world a better place. This is why they deliberately make use of sustainable products – from fresh, organic food ingredients, to environmentally safe cleaning products, and even to biodegradable packaging.

In their effort to make the world better, more and more millennials are also even applying at companies that have social and environmental causes.

3. Do millennials take into consideration renewable energy when looking for a place to live?

According to Sheril Kirshenbaum, the associate director of a recently conducted poll by The Daily Texan, “Millennials, or people under 35, are far more likely to be interested in reducing carbon emissions.” Perhaps this is why statistics show that millennials are more likely to install a system for solar, geothermal, or wind energy in their urban homes.

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