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Eco-Homes Are Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

October 23, 2017


With the severity of the natural phenomena that marked the summer and early fall, the effects of climate change seem to strike closer to home. As such, the necessity for using eco-friendly technologies when building residences becomes more and more evident. These techniques use natural materials and centuries-old methods as well as upcycled materials and modern gadgets for energy efficient homes.

Designers, architects, and builders alike already embraced the challenge, and are now turning former industrial sites into parks, and business hubs or homes connected to renewable energy sources. Townhomes in Dallas are reaching for this ideal too.


What Are the Features of an Eco-Home?


Here are some of the features you may expect from an eco-home:

  • It may have solar panels or wind turbines to generate energy. LED lighting and low-consumption home appliances will then use this energy efficiently.

  • The building design includes an intelligent use of windows, with significant glazing areas facing south to maximize heating.

  • It will recycle greywater, using collection tanks or ponds, where the water is filtered through plants.

  • It will make good use of the cooking heat and passive solar heat to reduce the need for heating in winter.

  • It is well-insulated with natural materials like hemp, straw or wool to let the walls breathe while providing a suitable temperature inside for both the cold and hot season.


How Do Eco-Homes Contribute to Sustainability?


Because they leave a lower carbon footprint, eco-homes are contributing to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. But that is only one side of the story. There are also houses that use recycled building materials, like shipping containers, tires or repurposed wood and bricks. The idea behind these homes is that the less potentially recyclable materials reach the landfill, the more environmentally friendly the design.

One idea that has been embraced by townhomes in Dallas and public authorities alike is the building of rooftop gardens. They provide crowded cities with more green areas and can also help integrate the house better into the surrounding landscape.

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