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Going Green – Can You Make Your Home More Sustainable?

June 29, 2017


At EcoView Homes, we specialize in building green luxury townhomes in Dallas. However, we realize that many people can’t afford to buy a purpose-built, environmentally-friendly townhome.

But there’s good news! Although a specialized eco-friendly home will offer a much lower environmental impact, there are plenty of ways that you can make your home more sustainable. All it takes is a little bit of time, effort, and investment. Read on, and learn about a few simple ways you can make your home more sustainable.

1. Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

Insulation is the ultimate energy-efficiency solution. In summer, a well-insulated house will trap the cool air from the air conditioning more effectively and release less of it into the air. During winter, proper insulation will keep the warm air in your home.

Here are a few ways you can insulate your home:

  • Installing double-glazed windows or thermal-backed curtains

  • Insulate all walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as attics and crawlspaces.

  • Fill gaps around doors and windows

  • Wrap your hot water heater in an insulating jacket – this can save you up to 7-16% in heating costs annually, according to the US Department of Energy

If you follow these tips, your power bills will be lower and you could reduce your CO2 footprint by more than 1 ton per year.

2. Save Water

Water usage can be a big source of waste in modern homes. It’s estimated by the USGS that each person uses nearly 100 gallons of water a day. By making a few changes and by investing in water efficiency, you can dramatically cut down on water waste and lower your monthly water bill! Consider doing the following:

  • Install a rainwater collection tank

  • Use low-flow sinks, toilets, and showerheads

  • Check your home for leaks

  • Choose energy and water-efficient appliances

Investing in water-efficient appliances and fixtures can reduce your water usage dramatically. You’ll be amazed at how much water you can save by conserving water (taking shorter showers, not running the tap while brushing your teeth, etc.

3. Save Energy

Power plants are one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide and pollution on our planet. Minimizing your use of energy is a great way to help make your home more sustainable. Take steps such as:

  • Installing ENERGY STAR® certified appliances

  • Use LED and CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Lightbulbs

  • Utilizing more natural light indoors instead of turning on lights

  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees in summer, and 68 or lower in winter – this will cut energy usage dramatically

  • Turn off lights whenever you’re not using them

  • Unplug appliances – most appliances like TVs, stereos, and even some kitchen appliances draw power whenever they’re plugged in, according to

With these simple techniques, you can reduce your energy consumption and save on your power bill – all while helping the environment.
Interested in having a sustainable Home? Contact EcoView Homes Today.

The above techniques are fantastic ways to minimize your environmental impact and save money. If you’re interested in taking things a step further, contact EcoView Homes. We have a wide variety of eco-friendly homes to choose from in the Dallas area, and we’d be happy to discuss pricing, locations, and other details about our luxury green townhomes in Dallas! Contact us for more details, and see how you can live an eco-friendlier life.

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