Townhomes in Dallas

Home Electrical Safety Checklist

June 14, 2018


Between 2010 to 2014, U.S. firefighters and emergency personnel responded to over 45,000 house fires directly related to faulty wiring and electrical malfunction. Over 420 people died in those fires, and 1.4 billion dollars were lost in property damages.

House fires are terrifying and can lead to serious injury, death, and they can quickly spread to neighboring structures. Older homes are at a higher risk of fires. While most people spend a lot of time and money picking out the perfect, most visually appealing lighting fixtures for their homes, most do not take the time to check and see if the wiring is safe. Ecoview Homes has townhomes in Dallas that are made of newer, safer construction materials, and the risk of fire from faulty wiring is virtually nonexistent.


The following checklist will cover electrical home safety basics.

  • Make sure all switches and outlets are working correctly. If they aren’t, that could indicate an underlying wiring problem and increase the risk of fire.
  • Check to see if the outlets or switches are hot to the touch. If they aren’t, great, but if they are, the wiring is probably faulty. Have a licensed electrician check them.
  • If the switches or outlets are discolored, there is a serious wiring problem. Get it checked immediately.
  • Loose plugs and outlets are a fire hazard. Fix these before using them.
  • Don’t use damaged, frayed, or cracked cords. Also, make sure cords are not pinched beneath the furniture or under windows.
  • Don’t attach cords to nails or staples. These can cut the wiring and cause a fire.
  • Don’t put cords under carpets. Overheating can lead to a fire.
  • Extension cords should not be used permanently.
  • Cords should not be wrapped or twisted when used.
  • Use the right wattage for bulbs and fixtures. Ecoview Homes has townhomes in Dallas that come with safe and energy-efficient fixtures.
  • Don’t place cords next to hot appliances.
  • If breakers recurrently trip or fuses blow, you need to call a licensed electrician. Frequently tripped breakers and fuses indicate a wiring problem.
  • Install an ARC fault circuit interrupter and test it monthly for fire prevention.


Fire is deadly and costly. Ecoview Homes has townhomes in Dallas that are built to the highest standards of electrical wiring safety. Don’t risk a fire; make sure that the house is safe from electrical fire hazards.