Modern Townhomes

How Builders are Crafting Modern Townhomes for Today’s Families

September 26, 2017


For the busy residents of modern cities, living in a townhome is the closest thing to a house.  A unit in a neat row of two or three-story buildings offers more room than an apartment, with some of them featuring a small front garden.

There are people who are fond of the authentic, vintage air of a Victorian painted lady, but a modern townhome provides excellent design possibilities to make the life of today’s families easier.

Here are some trends, styles, and techniques builders and architects use to create beautiful townhomes in Dallas.


  • Open Space with Accents

Today, people value space and ease of access, so clutter has no place in a modern home. Builders add well-placed windows to make good use of natural light and a staircase with a hidden storage room. This way, they create a space that is both functional and cozy, leaving a lasting impression on the home buyer.


  • Minimalism and Functionality

A kitchen design where all appliances gather dust on the countertop is now a long gone memory. Modern families have less time for cooking but enjoy using the space when they do prepare food. This means that they would rather have additional storage rooms where they can hide the appliances they rarely use. Because of this, builders focus more on the materials and surfaces and design homes with copper countertops, floor-to-ceiling wooden cabinets, stone floors, and so on.


  • Eating with Joy

Families enjoy themselves around the dinner table, so architects design this room to accommodate captivating pendant lighting options, comfortable chairs, and even a fireplace.


  • Comfortable Sleeping Areas

A master bedroom with a closet and an en-suite bathroom is a must since it gives the feeling of privacy. It’s important for the family to explain to the builder what their sleeping habits are or if they want more or less light. An elegant townhome bedroom may feature a bed with a plush headboard, armchairs, and a vanity or dressing table.


  • Sleep Better, Learn more

Kids’ rooms are more than bedrooms – this is a place where they do schoolwork, read, play, and invite friends over. Each child has a different personality, so make sure that the furniture and accessories reflect it. Storage space for toys and books is vital, so don’t forget to discuss your options with the builder.

Townhomes in Dallas with basements or an attic can be converted into playrooms with a TV, game consoles or a pool table. Relaxation is crucial for modern families, so this type of room would be an excellent addition.

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