How to Install Solar Panels Yourself

March 13, 2018


Most homeowners think that installing solar panels is a costly and complex endeavor. Some of them will look for Dallas townhomes for sale that feature sustainable technology, but most will just give up on the idea before even getting started.

Here’s the thing: while the initial costs are rather high, you will save a lot of money in the long run by installing solar panels. Not to mention, you can do it yourself. Keep in mind, however, that connecting a solar system to the grid is no simple task and preventive measures are mandatory.


Decide Where to Install the Solar Panels

Whether you put them on your roof or design a mounting rack by yourself, be sure to choose a mounting solution that can withstand nature’s constant abuse. Think about potential problems too. The roof may seem like the best option right now, but what will happen when the oak tree you planted grows to be ten feet high?


Solar Inverters & Panels

Solar inverters are perhaps the most important piece of equipment you need to purchase as they are responsible for the actual electricity your home will receive. Make sure to match the capacity of your solar inverters with the type and size of your solar panel system.


Wiring and Net Metering

This part can be quite complicated, so if you think that you can’t do it on your own, it’s better to hire an electrician than to risk damaging the entire system or endanger yourself.

After you’ve completed the wiring and found a proper grounding method, it’s time to connect to the grid. Pay close attention to net metering too as it monitors how much grid energy you’re using to power your home and how much unused solar energy you’re feeding the grid.

A final piece of equipment you need to consider is a battery backup. You can use it to store energy instead of feeding it back into the grid.



With proper equipment and a lot of caution, you can install solar panels by yourself. However, you’re still going to need a bit of professional guidance to ensure that the system is functional and safe. Once your solar panels are up and running, you will start seeing a significant decrease in your energy bills.

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