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Smart Home Buyers are Seeking Sustainable Homes

April 26, 2017


Homes that are make for warmer winters, cooler summers, and smaller maintenance budgets. An eco-friendly home benefits a home’s resale value and the environment. With far less energy consumption it will pay for itself all year round. The NAR (National Association of Realtors) has stated that more than half of the home buyer market has its eye on sustainable housing.

In rural towns and urban metropolises alike, the resale value of a sustainable home is higher than that of a comparable home without sustainable features. Increasing interest in sustainable homes is evident in the fact that “more Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are incorporating data entry fields to identify a property’s green features… Realtors see great value in promoting energy efficiency in listings, with seven out of 10 feeling strongly about the benefits in promoting those features to clients.”

Going green is more than a trend. It’s an investment. The climate is changing. Weather patterns are far less predictable than they were a half-century ago. 80 degree days are no longer unusual in the northeast in November. Blizzards have become more commonplace in the south. Droughts and floods alike are in the news every day. Energy resources are dwindling as is nature’s willingness to shoulder it all. Sustainable construction can help. It does help. And as information about it becomes more available to today’s home buyers it is increasingly in demand. In short, homebuyers are more interested in sustainability than ever before.

Low flow plumbing, rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient appliances, dual pane windows, solar power, LED lights, non-toxic insulation, geothermal heating, chilled water systems, natural building materials, satellite controlled sprinklers, smart landscaping and smarter design concepts result in benefits for all concerned parties. This sounds like a mouthful, but it’s happening. New and retrofitted homes are approaching the ideal of net-zero energy consumption more and more.

In the great state of Texas, there are Dallas townhomes for sale that exceed ratings and are a model example of state of the art eco-friendly design and construction. EcoView Homes do luxury townhomes the way they should be done – beautifully, responsibly, and sustainably. Each unique development, in one of nine convenient DART rail accessible locations, includes “private roof-top terraces, most with city and downtown views”. EcoView’s mission is to “push the limits of luxury, sustainability, and energy efficiency in a cost-effective home.”

With such beautiful, luxury-forward, sustainable Dallas townhomes currently for sale and more on the horizon, perhaps soon the Lone Star State will become known as the “Energy Star Certified” state.