The Best Areas in Dallas to Buy a Home

May 10, 2018


Texas is a great place to buy a home, especially a townhome or a terrace home. Townhomes and terraces offer the privacy of single-family dwellings, but with the convenience of urban living.

There are numerous, beautiful, ‘green’ Dallas townhomes for sale at affordable prices.

EcoView Homes specializes in offering serious buyers eco-friendly, energy-efficient townhomes built with quality construction materials. Check out the following top areas in Dallas to buy an eco-friendly home.


The Modern on Live Oak

Pre-selling now, the Modern on Live Oak is a progressive area that offers buyers the absolute best in energy efficiency and green living. This group of contemporary, stucco designed terraces gives residents the chance to live in environmentally-friendly housing in one of the country’s fastest-growing cities.

The units in The Modern on Live Oak are available with anywhere from 1800 to 2350 square feet of sustainable living space and are priced at 449,000 to 579,000. Each unit comes with an excellent view of downtown Dallas and is a short walk from Exall Park. Hike on the beautiful nature trails or take advantage of the state-of-the-art indoor recreation center in Exall Park minutes from The Modern.


Roseland Avenue Terraces

Roseland Avenue Terraces offer eco-friendly residents 1800 square feet of premium living space and private balconies with gorgeous city views. Starting at 399,000, Roseland Avenue Terraces boast spacious two-bedroom units in bustling downtown Dallas. Despite being in a major, modern city, Roseland Avenue Terraces offers the best in green, progressive, energy-efficient living.

In a world where over-consumption reigns supreme, the agents at EcoView Homes want to connect with eco-conscious homebuyers and offer them modern, green living spaces in premium urban locations throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. All EcoView Homes come with home energy ratings as low as the 40s.

Living at Roseland Avenue or The Modern, residents can get the lowest possible energy bills and shrink their carbon footprint.

With these affordable Dallas townhomes for sale, you can take advantage of the culture and the convenience of living in downtown Dallas in an eco-friendly, beautiful, and quality-built home.