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The Best Eco-friendly Townhomes in Dallas

July 21, 2017


These days, it’s important to lead a life that is both comfortable and responsible. Today, we understand more than ever the footprint that we leave on our planet, and our homes are a big contributor to the problems we face.

In response to the declining condition of our environment, a new real estate trend in eco-friendly housing has sprung up, spreading across the country. Here in Dallas, our thriving townhome market has intersected with this trend, producing some stunning and innovative properties. The following is a list of the three best eco-friendly townhomes in Dallas:

  • Munger Avenue Townhomes

These exquisite townhomes start at $499,000 and feature a detailed modern design with 3 bedrooms. The kitchens come complete with everything a homebound culinary wizard could need, while the personal garages keep your property stored and secured from the elements.

Additionally, Munger Avenue Townhomes boast a HERS home energy rating in the 40s. The lower the number, the lower your energy costs and ecological impact are. The average for a new home today is 85, with 50 being considered highly efficient.

These homes are stunning, equipped, and eco-friendly. Take a closer look here:

Munger Avenue Townhomes


Munger Avenue Townhomes

  • Ross Avenue Terraces

These stunning homes feature a custom contemporary design with both wood and metal accents throughout. They’ve been strategically constructed to provide ultra-efficient sustainability that provides a green appeal without compromising solid construction.

With a HERS rating in the 40s and a starting price of $405,000, these homes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to leave a minimal impact on the environment. See more here:

Ross Avenue Terraces


Ross Avenue Terraces

  • Roseland Avenue Terraces

With private balconies and stunning views, the Roseland Avenue Terraces provide the ultimate city living experience. Starting at $399,000 with 2 bedrooms and a study, plus an ecoSelect rating of ultra efficient, these homes provide both space and efficiency.

See for yourself by clicking right here:

Roseland Avenue Terraces


Roseland Avenue Terraces


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