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The Important Elements of Modern Townhome Design

November 30, 2017


It’s no secret that a townhome can provide the best of both worlds. Homeowners can enjoy the extra space a house in the suburbs can provide while living in chic, urban areas.

But just because a townhouse is handy, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. To avoid the box-shaped design, here are some essential features of modern townhomes:



Contemporary living spaces are all about neutral colors. Bright accents can enliven the house and give it a different vibe. If you choose to add colorful accents to your home, make sure that the accessories are in neutral colors. That way you don’t risk overwhelming your senses.



A playful use of textures can make the interior more exciting. You can use wallpaper to emphasize a corner of the house. You can also use various fabrics for curtains, pillows, and rugs to make certain elements pop. You can also alternate leather with wood and stone for furniture and decorations.


Plants and Flowers

A green spot in the house is going to bring any space to life. The larger the plants, the better, especially if they also have flowers. Combine them with upward-focusing lighting for a striking, glasshouse effect.


Room Design

In modern townhomes, each room has a distinct personality given by the furniture, window design, and accessories. Use wooden cupboards and travertine countertops in the kitchen to make it different from standard design. A large, well-lit eat-in area with funky appliances can make your living room stand out while a master bedroom decorated in neutral colors could encourage rest.


Clean Lines and Smooth Surfaces

Clean lines and smooth surfaces are perhaps the most striking elements of contemporary design. Don’t worry: they won’t make your home look like a hospital room, but allow for more comfortable items to be added without the feeling of clutter.


Natural Materials

Use natural materials to promote sustainability and ensure your home is eco-friendly. Opt for wood, as it’s a great insulator that requires less energy than other materials. You can also incorporate stone in wall decorations, mantelpieces or window sills.

At Ecoview Homes, we pride ourselves on our choice of materials, sustainable building processes, and eco-friendly designs. Look for a townhome that fits your personality among our properties.


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