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Top Reasons Why Every Modern Townhome Should Have a Garage

July 21, 2017


For many young Metropolitan professionals, balancing family, home life, and work can be nearly impossible. Plenty of working families have found townhomes to be an excellent blend of the household experience and an urban lifestyle.

Townhomes offer the personal privacy and domestic bliss of owning a home, however, many townhomes skimp on basic household amenities, like garages. This egregious exclusion often negates the benefits of a townhome. Here’s a brief explanation of why every modern townhome should have a garage:


The primary concern for those who don’t have access to a garage is, of course, the security of their vehicle. Having to park on the street or in an external lot leaves this property more vulnerable to theft.

  • According to a study out of UT Dallas, one of the main factors contributing to car break-ins in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is convenience; criminals want to escape as quickly, and as easily, as possible.

  • The same study found that a vehicle’s proximity to a highway or other metropolitan infrastructure greatly increased the risk of burglary, which could mean trouble for townhome owners living in, or near, a major city.

Owning a townhome without a garage provides the perfect storm of risk factors for having your car stolen. The exposure and location that comes with this particular situation spells opportunity and ease for potential burglars.

Some townhomes leave little room for storage. By excluding a garage, these kinds of townhomes force residents to live under spatial restrictions that are incompatible with a modern family’s lifestyle.

  • Fixr reports that the national average square footage for a townhome is 2200 square feet.

  • The above metric includes a hypothetical garage, so the true size of a townhome without a garage is even less.

Working families may purchase townhomes for their convenience, understanding that they’ll sacrifice some space. However, not having a garage is simply incompatible with the spatial needs of a modern family.


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