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What are the Common Applications of a Chilled Water System?

March 21, 2017


Chilled water systems make use of water as a refrigerant to cool down a building or section of a building. They function by pumping cold water through an air handler which takes the heat out of the air and disperses it to cool the building down. Such units are closed loop systems, and, as such, they are sealed away from the atmosphere and do not require extensive treatments with chemicals to prevent corrosion and contamination.

Although chilled water air conditioning systems are perhaps most commonly used in commercial operations which require a large cooling capacity – such as supermarkets or industrial factories – the falling costs of the systems coupled with the ecological benefits mean that increasing numbers people are installing chilled water systems in their Dallas townhomes.

The application of chilled water systems in the home

In warmer climates, chilled water systems can be used in place of standard air conditioning in order to achieve and maintain more comfortable interior temperatures.

Piping connects a chiller to cooling coils within an air handling unit. Air is cooled here via the chilled water within the coils and then distributed throughout the building via a series of ducting systems. This creates an eco-friendly solution to cool down the home. Because chilled water systems are great for cooling down multiple separate individual areas, it’s the perfect means for maintaining temperatures in large apartment blocks and hotels, too.

Once the water has cooled down the air, it returns to the chiller in the region of 13ºC. The chilling process begins once again, either on a timer or at the request of an individual.

Low utility impact

The water used in these cooling systems can be stored in a cooling tower, although some larger cities have made use of utility supplied chilled water since the mid-1960s, which eliminates the need for storage space.

Alternatively, water can be chilled at night, allowing homeowners and businesses to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. This water is typically stored in a tank to be used the following day.

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